The Finale

Choreographed by Kevin Frey

The Finale will close our Nex•Hibition show on Saturday night! Dancers will be chosen onsite throughout classes on Saturday, for the chance to learn and dance in The Finale. After classes on Saturday these chosen dancers will learn and rehearse the piece, choreographed by Kevin Frey, and will perform it in the Saturday night show! Make sure to wear your scholarship number in class to be eligible for this selection.

Scholarship Ceremony Opening Number

All Nex•Us dancers who get their number called out during Saturday's classes are invited to join us in creating an Opening Number for Sunday afternoon's Scholarship Ceremony. These dancers will be instructed to meet at a specific time to review Saturday's combinations. Please bring an all black, fitted outfit in case your number is called out during Saturday's classes.  

Nex•Us aims to recognize and honor as many of our dancers as possible, and look forward to getting YOU on the stage.