Registering as a Teacher provides you ALL ACCESS! You’ll have the freedom to dance in any nex•us | A Dance Experience level as well as entrance to our Teacher Talk, Private Teacher Classes + OFF The Record. You must be 18 or older to register as a teacher.

Teacher Talk + Continental Breakfast

We invite teachers to come meet our Directors as discuss nex•us | Culture and answer any questions you may have for your students or studio. Your suggestions and comments are very valuable and appreciated

Teacher Classes

Don’t miss these private classes with the most respected and sought-after choreographers! They're closed to all students and are just for our teachers. These classes are one of the most talked about experiences of the weekend!

OFF the Record

Group Leaders + teachers are invited for a sit-down luncheon on Sunday with the Faculty. This is an open floor forum and chance for you to connect on a casual, personal level with our faculty. Please remember that time is limited and we may not get to everyone’s questions. For this reason, we ask that you arrive prepared with specific questions.  Note: Anyone interested in attending OFF the Record must have an All Access Band or a Studio Management Band. Must RSVP.

Studio Management Band

We offer our non-dancing teachers the option of purchasing a Studio Management Band. This band allows you entrance into all nex•us | A Dance Experience classes to observe, along with the Teacher Talk + OFF the Record.

Please email Registrations@NexusOnTour.com to process your registration!

Please note: All group registrations, scholarships, credits, and customer loyalty discounts must be redeemed administratively through our offices. Please email Registrations@NexUsOnTour.com or call us at 1-800-526-0722 ext 802. We do not offer refunds.

Register as a Group or Studio At nex•us | A Dance Experience

•A group consists of 10 or more registered and paid dancers. We offer group discounts, please email Registrations@NexusOnTour.

•Receive ONE FREE TEACHER OR DANCER OR PROJECT MOTIVATE pass for every 10 paid participants.

•Receive ONE FREE TEACHER PROJECT MOTIVATE pass for every 10 paid dancers.

For example:

10 paid participants = 1 free teacher or dancer

20 paid participants = 2 free teacher or dancer

30 paid participants = 3 free teacher or dancer

•Group Leader goodie bag

•Teachers get ALL ACCESS to Camp•NEX + NEX•US

•We are also offering a free hotel room for two nights for teachers that bring 50+ students!


“Our dancers are there to learn and grow and I truly believe that everything your staff does, offers them the opportunity to be able to do that. I had one of my advanced dancers, who I believe your faculty was referring to from class; tell me that this was the best dance experience she had ever had in her entire years of dance training.”

Karen Robinson - Phoenix, AZ

“We learned so much! And not just the kids…we learned a LOT as teachers and how better to serve our students, their horizons and challenge them in a way that’s appropriate! The faculty and their advice were amazing. But what was most amazing was the energy that I felt from your staff. You were wonderful to work with and I appreciate everything that you did for us! See you again soon!”

Cindy Turrentine - Yuma, AZ