Rules + Regulations

PROPS: No dangerous props may be used on stage. No forms of liquid, gels, foggers, or confetti, which may affect the stage surface, may be used during a routine. All props backstage MUST be labeled with the studio and routine name for identification purposes. Your studio will be responsible for getting the prop(s) on and off stage. nex•us | A Dance Experience is not responsible for any lost, stolen, and/or damaged props.


MUSIC REQUIREMENTS: The online registration form will have a place to submit your music. You may also email your music with the studio/dancer and the title of the piece to All music must be turned in prior to the event. Upon check-in please provide 1 professional quality CD recording for each routine as a back-up. Each CD must be labeled with the name of the studio/dancer and the title of the piece. CD’s containing more than 1 track will not be accepted. If you are using an I-pod for your entire studio you must have play lists for each routine. Note: Any music submitted with explicit lyrics will be automatically disqualified.


AGE APPROPRIATE:  nex•us | A Dance Experience prides itself in maintaining a clean, professional, and family environment. Age appropriateness will be taken into consideration upon the Faculty’s critiques and disqualification will be taken at the Faculty’s discretion.


TIME LIMITS: 3:00 min max for Solos, Duo/Trios, 3:15 min max for Small Groups, 3:30 min max for Large Groups, 5:30 min max for Lines, and 6:30 min max for Productions.


VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY:  Videotaping and flash photography are strictly prohibited throughout the entire event. If found videotaping you will be asked to delete the footage, if questioned again your device will be confiscated. (Disqualification may result). Our professional photographer’s booth will be available for you to preview and purchase pictures and videos from both the competition and convention.


REGISTRATION: All dancers must be registered for the workshop to perform. You are not considered registered until you have received a confirmation email stating we have received FULL PAYMENT. All routines must be registered 7 days prior to the convention/competition date. Routines registered after the 7 day cut-off date will not be accepted. nex•us | A Dance Experience will NOT accept onsite routines entries.


AUDIO VISUAL CRITIQUES: Entries will receive audio visual critiques from our judges. Each studio will be able to view critiques online within 48 hours after the event.


SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS :  nex•hibition performers will be announced at noon on Saturday at the Customer Service table. The top routines from Saturday night’s performance will be announced on Sunday at our Scholarship Ceremony.


SCHEDULE: Any change in days and/or times is at the sole discretion of nex•us | A Dance Experience and will be determined by the amount of time available at each Regional City. A time schedule will be e-mailed, provided an e-mail address was provided on your registration form, on the Tuesday prior to the competition date to all entrants. Every regional schedule is set up based solely on the breakdown of entries by solos, duets/trios, groups and productions for that particular city. We do our best to set up a schedule which will best accommodate everyone at that city.


STAGE INFORMATION: 50 dancers maximum on stage at one time. Crossing from stage right to stage left (or vice versa) during any number may be done on stage. Depending on the venue, there may not be access to cross backstage. The stage is approximately 40’x30’ (length by depth) and is covered with a professional StageStep marley floor. Entrances and exits subject to change, depending on the venue