Summer 2018
Opening & Closing Number

The Opening and Closing Number is an opportunity for select dancers who have performed in our Open Call Competition on Tuesday afternoon to be chosen to perform in a piece that will open/close the Final Night Gala. Our judges will choose their top performers and place them into either the Opening or Closing Number. 

Opening Number Choreographer: Mika Santo

Opening Number Choreographer: Mika Santo

Mika Santo is a 19 year old aspiring choreographer and dancer from Miami, FL. She has been training for 14 years and counting and has big dreams set for herself. Currently enrolled at the prestigious New World School of The Arts, she is planning on going for her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Mika has won numerous scholarships and awards in her years of competing, but is striving for something greater in her dance career. In just one year out of high school, Mika has received several choreography awards for pieces she has set on her students. On top of that, she has had great opportunities to appear in videos and projects by very well known choreographers in the industry. She hopes to take her talents in choreography and teaching very far, and is aiming to become a professional choreographer in the future.


Opening Number Costume:

Black turtle necks and either dark blue, dark grey, black, or dark purple jogger pants and crew socks in a neutral color such as tan, grey, etc.


Closing Number Choreographer: Frankie Zulferino

Closing Number Choreographer: Frankie Zulferino

Frankie Zulferino is a male pop music singer, dancer, choreographer, and actor from New York. He has toured the US, Europe, Asia, and Canada. Frankie has opened up for many artists such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Flo Rida, and Sean Kingston. He was a contestant on the CW television show “The Next” with Joe Jonas, Nelly, Gloria Estefan, and John Rich. He has over 1 million views worldwide on his original music videos and has been featured in Pop Star Magazine, Twist, and Ryan Frankie has the honor of headlining his own show in Atlantic City and when he’s not singing, he works with dancers across the country. Frankie’s very proud to say that he has trained students that dance for professional NBA Teams, finalists on Americas Got Talent, Broadway Shows, National Commercials, and Television Shows.

Closing Number Costume:

The color scheme is silver, gold, hot pink, turquoise, purple, orange and white . It can be blinged, plain, or anything super flashy!

The Performance Number

Choreographed by Theresa Stone

Register to learn and perform a piece at our Battle Royale Finals on Friday night! This piece is choreographed and taught by PULSE Elite Alumni Theresa Stone and is a great opportunity for individual dancers to perform on The PULSE stage. Rehearsals will take place before and after classes.

PRICE: $75 per participant

*Dancers participating in the Performance Number must arrive by 6:00-8:00pm on Tuesday, July 10th. Rehearsals will begin Wednesday July 11th at 8:00am. Dancers that are registered in Open Call Competition may not participate in The Performance Number (rehearsals will conflict).

Performance Number Costumes:

The theme is “preppy millennials”. Layers are great! Bring shoes that match your outfit. And accessorize please! **We MAY be using some phones as props, so please bring old or unused phones if you prefer to not use your actual phone. This idea is not confirmed, but just in case! 

Ladies: Classy skirts, classy tops, shorts (not too revealing), dresses, hats can definitely work, bring shoes that match your outfit! Layers are great! And accessorize please! 

Boys: Jeans that are fitting, but still able to move in, leather jackets that aren't too edgy, sweaters, button ups, denim, classy looks.