Jazz Funk  |  Contemporary

Kevin Frey had one dream when he was young, and that dream was to become a professional dancer. Getting his training at dance studios in San Diego, California Kevin quickly became acquainted in various styles of dance such as Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. With his eyes always on the dream, he quickly moved to Los Angeles, the center of the commercial dance world. 

Kevin is currently living in Los Angeles working as a professional dancer and educator, and has had the amazing opportunity to work with such innovators as Tessandra Chavez, NappyTabs, Kenny Ortega, Liz Imperio, Tyce Diorio, Rosero McCoy, Brian Friedman, Richard Jackson, Hi-Hat, Chucky Klapow, Danny Teeson and others. He has been featured on hit television shows such as The Voice, America’s Got Talent, The MTV Video Music Awards, Disney’s Shake It Up, CW's My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and many more.

For the past several years Kevin has been a dancer for the global superstar Lady Gaga! He has had the unparalleled opportunity to be a dancer for 3 of her world tours: The Born This Way Ball, ArtRave: The Artpop Ball, and The Joanne World Tour. Along with touring globally, he has been featured in countless music videos and television performances for Lady Gaga, including the record-breaking Superbowl 51 Halftime Show!

Kevin has been teaching since the age of 15 at studios around San Diego. Since then he has had the opportunity to teach all over Southern California and throughout the United States. In 2008 he was brought into a studio in San Diego to develop a program by Emmy Award Winner, Tessandra Chavez. It was there Kevin truly learned the skills to instruct, train, and refine the skills of his students. After several years of helping to develop that program, Kevin left to continue training under Tessandra Chavez and for the past 8 years he has assisted her. Under her wing, Kevin furthered his education in the art of teaching and learning how to get the best out of his students. Alongside Tessandra, Kevin’s work can be seen on So You Think You Can Dance, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, Dancing With The Stars China, and the film Heartbeats directed by Duane Adler.

Upon returning from India, where Kevin assisted Tessandra Chavez on a new dance movie, his desire to educate and share what he had been learning for so many years was rejuvenated and began training dancers in LA. Kevin’s style is labeled as Jazz Funk. But unlike, the typical ‘jazz funk’ that is common in Los Angeles, his style truly embodies the name by incorporating actual jazz technique, and hip hop technique. Kevin tends to have intricate movement in his choreography with a blend of grooves throughout. On top of Kevin’s choreographic style, his teaching style is demanding, encouraging, and informative. Kevin has been told many times that he doesn’t let any of his students get away with anything less than their best and encourages every individual in the room to be a master of their own journey. Kevin takes great pride in improving his students and seeing their growth just within a single class, as well as multiple classes.

Kevin hopes to not only achieve his own goals, but to inspire others to do what they love and to never compromise their dreams.