How do I register?

You can register online here! If you need assistance with your registration please feel free to email Registrations@NexusOnTour.com or give us a call at 1-800-526-0722 ext 802. We’re always happy to help! Please keep in mind that all group registrations, scholarships and discounts have to be processed administratively in our offices.

What ages are allowed?

new•nex is suggested for ages 5-8, camp•nex is suggested for ages 7-13 + nex•us is suggested for ages 11+. Click here for a list of the levels offered during the event.

What is the difference between nex•us + camp•nex?

new•nex | is a one day event catered to the 5-8 year olds introducing them into the dancer workshop + class structure. | camp•nex | is suggested for ages 7-13 and catered towards the younger demographic. nex•us | is catered for ages 11+ and is more mature in music choice and choreography. These classes are taught at at a faster paced speed catered to each level. In most cities the camp•nex levels are combined in the same room, although scholarships and recognition stays separate. In select cities nex•us | levels may also be combined. In this case, three classes a day will be all levels together, and Intermediate and Advanced/Pro will have separated classes during lunch. All scholarships and recognition stay separate within the nex•us | levels.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Pre-registration sales accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Registration is not complete until we have received your payment in full. Note: All registrations are processed in US Dollars.

Which Faculty will be in each city?

We guarantee at least four faculty in each city. Our faculty is committed to making this a great experience for everyone. Closer to each city’s event date, we will post the faculty members scheduled for that weekend. 

Can I come for one day?

You are not required to attend both days. We offer a one day rate of $175 USD

When is check-in at the workshop?

We offer an early check-in Friday evening at 5:30-7:30pm and check-in Saturday morning at 8:00am. Exact times and locations will be emailed to you closer to your specific workshop date. 

What is your "At The Door" policy? 

Because of the popularity of this event, pre-registration is strongly suggested. Dancers on our waitlists have priority. If you plan on registering as a “walk-in,” please call our offices to inquire about availability: 1.800.526.0722. Note: All onsite registrations are cash only.

When do I get my schedule?

A tentative schedule will be emailed to you a week and a half prior to your weekend. Hard copies will be available at registration. Check out your sample schedule here.

What time do classes end on Sunday?

Classes, performances, and scholarship announcements will tentatively end around 4:30pm Sunday. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

Where can I find the music The Faculty used during the event?

All music that is available to the public will be posted a week after the workshop. Some faculty members have access to music or mixes that aren’t even released yet! We will email you a list of music in your "thank you" letter.

Where can I see photos that were taken throughout the weekend?

Our on-site photographers will host all photos under nex•us | camp•nex | nex•nex | levels and your city name. We will also post select pictures on the | nex•us | Instagram and Facebook pages.

Can I videotape or use my camera?

Professional photographers will be on-site all weekend, so be sure to check out the class photos and performance photos and videos to purchase. Most of our faculty’s work is copyrighted, however there are some that will allow you to videotape their class. Each faculty will specify their policies at the start of their class.

What are The Faculty looking for when they choose scholarship winners?

Each faculty member has a different reason for choosing scholarship winners, whether it is technique, style, personality, ability to execute their choreography, etc.  

Why are some dancers recognized in class and not given a scholarship?

During class the faculty like to recognize dancers for the hard work, effort, ability, etc.  Sometimes dancers are called out because the faculty want to see them do the choreography again, or have a chance to dance with other dancers.  They want to push them and help them grow.  By doing this, they are able to determine which dancers they would like to recommend before submitting their final list. 

What is the process of becoming a Counselor or Protégé?

There are many categories for scholarships and dancers must be chosen specifically for Counselor or Protégé by The Faculty in order to receive the award.  The Faculty have different reasons for writing dancers down in this category.  Dancers with the most “Protégé or Counselor” votes by the most Faculty receive the scholarship.

What is the role of a Counselor or Protégé?

Counselors + Protégés are invited to attend any Regional city with free tuition for one calendar year, upon the payment of their dues. Throughout the weekend they are to be an assistant to the faculty and help the staff during check in, performances and scholarships. 

What are the rules of winning Counselor/Protégé more than once? 

Dancers whose Counselor or Protégé scholarship has expired are not eligible to win in the same city and level as they won the previous year, unless they are chosen by every faculty member present specifically for Counselor or Protégé.  In order for those dancers to win again, they must either change levels or win in another city. 

How do I become a Lead Counselor or Elite Protégé? 

All dancers that have received the Counselor or Protégé scholarship during our regional tour are eligible to become a Lead Counselor or Elite Protégé.  The selection process takes place at our finale event each summer.  After a week of classes, an interview, and an audition, the new Lead Counselors + Elite Protégés are selected and announced at the Final Night X•GALA. 

What are your Terms + Conditions? 

Find them here! 

Question not answered? Contact us with any questions or concerns you have!

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