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Camp PULSE: Acting Workshop for Television, Stage and Film with Lane Napper

Open to all levels of acting abilities. Students will be working on improvisational skills, movement, pace, timing and auditioning. Lane Napper has plenty of material based on your level, so come ready to learn and have fun!

Parents are encouraged to stay for the entire Workshop. Lane will be offering you tips and insight on how to take your child’s talent to the “next level”. He’ll even talk about getting an Agent, what classes should you be taking, where do you go from here.

Class will start with a few words from Lane about “the business of acting” then students will be paired up to perform a few IMPROV scenes. This is a favorite with parents! They can’t stop laughing when this takes place!!! After that, students will be given a small page of dialogue to perform in front of the room. The scene is short and is something right out of a commercial or television show. Lastly, students will be divided into small groups to perform an actual scene. Students will have the opportunity to play off of each other. Scenes are fun, fast paced and loaded with enough energy to fill an entire room! Parents may film all of their child’s scenes.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced actor, let Lane’s techniques help you become the performer you’ve always wanted to be. It’s so much more than just remembering lines.

Price: $125/dancer

Thursday, July 12th: 4:15 - 6:15pm


The PULSE: Acting Workshop for Television, Stage and Film with Lane Napper

2 Hour On-Camera Workshop for TV, Stage and Film with Television Actor Lane Napper. After registering, Students will be emailed a script prior to start of Workshop. Student can choose whether or not they want to do something comedic or dramatic. The scene will then be videotaped in class.

Open to all levels of acting abilities. Scenes are like something you might see on the CW, FreeForm, Nickelodeon or Disney. At the start of the Workshop Lane will give a short discussion on how to make your scene “POP” with energy, focus and being aware of your space. He will also educate students on what casting offices are looking for. “It’s so much more than just knowing the words on the page”.

As students do their scene, Lane will be coaching them to help bring the performance to a whole new level. Lane will help students with Acting techniques, character development and auditioning etiquette. At the end of the Workshop, students will be given a link so that they can view the scene. This workshop should not be missed!

*This intensive is only permitting 15 students, so please reserve your spot early. There will be no "same date" registering for this workshop. Students must register prior to start date.

Price: $125/dancer

Friday, July 13th: 5:45 - 7:45pm